25Gb/s CWDM SFP28

25G CWDM SFP28 optical modules include CWDM LR and other products. The product uses the LC interface, compatible with IEEE802.3by and SFF-8472 standards, with low power consumption, small volume, high rate. Mainly used in 5G networks, data centers,fiber channels, 25G Ethernet and other environments. Optical modules can be adapted to HUAWEI、H3C、CISCO、Alcatel-lucent、Juniper and other devices.

    Product Features

    ● Up to 25Gb/s data links
    ● 1310nm DFB laser and PIN/APD receiver
    ● Support Digital Diagnostic Monitoring interface
    ● Cost effective SFP28 solution, enables higher port densities and greater bandwidth
    ● 2-wire interface for management specifications compliant with SFF 8472 digital diagnostic monitoring interface for optical transceivers
    ● Electrically hot-pluggable
    ● Metal enclosure, for lower EMI
    ● Meet ESD requirements ,resist 8KV direct contact voltage
    ● RoHS-6 compliant and lead-free
    ● Single +3.3V power supply
    ● Case operating temperature : 0°C to +70°C/ -40°C to +85°C

    Ordering Information

    P/N Product Description Date Rate Reach Wavelength Transmitter Receiver Power Consumption Temperature(deg C) Date Sheet
    SLSD-FL611C CWDM SFP28 25 Gb/S 10km 1270nm DFB PIN   0~+70°C  
    SLSD-FL711C CWDM SFP28 25 Gb/S 10km 1290nm DFB PIN   0~+70°C
    SLSD-FL311I CWDM SFP28 25 Gb/S 10km 1310nm DFB PIN    -40~+85°C  
    SLSD-FL811I CWDM SFP28 25 Gb/S 10km 1330nm DFB PIN    -40~+85°C
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